Imperial Homes Of South West Florida

Imperial Homes of SW Florida and Green Building are teaming up to providing luxurious, comfortable, healthy and efficient homes that have minimal impact on the environment.


Built for the most discriminating home buyers, it is our belief that luxury does not have to come at the expense of the environment but can actually contribute to its preservation.

Indoor Environmental Quality, Energy Efficiency, Site preservation and landscape design, water efficiency, and selection of durable materials are five important considerations in each of our home designs.

Our highly qualified team is ready to assist you in designing and building the home of your choice.

Site & Landscape

Plant materials are selected first and foremost to be beautiful.  Our designers select drought tolerant plants which reduce water consumption and maintenance required.

Lawn maintenance procedures are approved by the Florida Yards and Neighborhoods program to reduce fertilizer run off and maintain a healthy lawn.

Whether you have your own design or choose to work with our in-house professionals, Imperial Homes of Southwest Florida is dedicated to delivering a top quality home.

Indoor Quality

Indoor environmental quality is one of the most important factors in your homes comfort and health.  Imperial Homes ensures that the interior of the home is protected from outside elements and ensures that the mechanical systems provide a filtered and controlled fresh air intake and materials inside the home provides a healthy and safe environment.

Water Efficiency

One of the most water consumptive features of the home is the landscape, by choosing drought tolerant plants, reducing the amount of turf, and following the Florida Yards and Neighborhood guidelines landscape water needs are reduced by 50%.  Water efficient appliances also reduce the homes total water use.

Durable Materials

Selection of durable materials provides life long enjoyment.  Concrete construction, marble and tile flooring, granite countertops, and concrete roof tiles are all examples of materials that will not need to be replaced therefore reducing future waste generated from repairs or remodeling.

Imperial Homes Happenings

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