Top 3 Best Home Design Apps

Top 3 Best Home Design Apps

The technology is increasing every single day, and almost all professionals make use of it to accomplish their task successfully. The biggest thing that all of are talking about today is apps. I don’t think there is one field that doesn’t need the help of the app or doesn’t find the invention of the app technology useful. This being the case architects and designers are not an exception to it. Designers today predominantly use apps to design house plans according to the demands of their clients.

Top 3 Best Home Design Apps

Need for Home Design Apps:

In the yesteryears, designers had to draw and re-draw designers as and when clients ask for a specific rectification. It was very much painstaking. But this difficulty came to an end with the invention of software packages and different apps that lets them make as many designs as they what within a matter of minutes. Every next app that is discovered is better than the previous one. With the algorithm that is working behind these apps, you simply say what you want, and the app will do it for you. The best part is that these apps are so cool even in the hands of a commoner. So here are top 3 apps that designers and others you have to try out at least once.

Best home design apps:


Houzz is available for free on both Android and IOS platforms. This is that one app that was hailed as the ‘Wikipedia of Design apps,’ by CNN. Such is the fame of this app that can design your plans and help you get an outlook on how you dream home will turn out to be. There are more than about 5 million options within which you can work asking your app to shuffle between various designs and choose the best one.

Virtual Plan 3D:

Virtual Plan 3D app belongs to the augmented virtual reality app category. You upload a 2D picture of something, and the app will automatically turn it into 3D reality picture helping you to get a better view of what you will probably see once you are done with decorating your house. While you will not be able to tell the real space that is occupied in 2D images, this app gets the accurate measures, and thereby you can see the space that objects will occupy that too in 3D reality. The app is available for Android users.


This app is quite interesting is a bit different too when compared to the other apps that are here on the list. Though you have a lot of apps that let you choose designs for your house, this one lets you choose the color the things that you are trying to incorporate as a part of your house. This app is linked to Sherman-Williams paint brand, and there are more than 1500 shades in the palette. You can choose the color of the wall and then find a matching color on the palette. The app chooses it for you, and with more than 1500 shades you are sure to find a match


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